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As of July 1, 2017

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Advantage  Checking
$1,000 Plus .02% .02%

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Advantage Plus Checking
$1,500 Plus .05% .05%

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Privacy | Disclosure

  • Funds are automatically deducted from your Checking Account
  • No check writing
  • Receipt for Transactions
  • Accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • No identification required
  • Debit Card can also be used as an ATM Card
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Card call: 800-264-5578
  • MasterCard®SecureCode™ gives you added security for your online purchases.
  • Click here for a Debit Card application
  • Click here to view our ATM and debit card terms and conditions


  • A convenient way to avoid fees so your credit score and relationships are not affected
  • Member Courtesy Update: Due to regulatory changes, members who want to continue Member Courtesy need to declare their interest by August 15, 2010.
    • Click here to read the Member Courtesy Dislosure
    • Click here to print the Member Courtesy Opt In or Opt Out form


  • Designate another Eaton Family Credit Union account from which funds can be transferred if you have an overdraft

* If you currently do not have Member Courtesy and are not interested in this service then you need not do anything.

2nd Chance Checking

  • Our 2nd Chance Checking is an option if you've had a couple financial hiccups previously that prevent you from qualifying for our FREE Advantage Checking
  • To get started:
    • Let us know you're interested in 2nd Chance Checking - contact us
    • Start Direct Deposit to your 2nd Chance Checking Account - our ABA Routing Number is 241075470
  • Here is what you get:
  • Cost = $10 per month
  • Down the road, once you get your financial life back in order, ask whether you've become eligible for Advantage Checking
  • The following restrictions apply:
    • Applications for 2nd Chance Checking are reviewed and approved based on Member's individual credit worthiness
    • A 2nd Chance Checking Account will not be approved if a Member has:
      • Charged-off accounts and/or unpaid collections at another financial instituion which appear on their credit report
      • Any Telecheck history less than three months old and/or unpaid balances that exceed $500
    • Overdraft privilege and Member Courtesy are not available
    • Maximum holds will placed on all checks except payroll and government checks
    • The account will be closed immediately if any of the following occur:
      • direct deposit is discontinued
      • any NSF activity occurs
      • kiting or fraudulent activity of any kind

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Savings rates are subject to change without notice.


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