popmoney is a nationally known, best in class, person-to-person (P2P) method to pay people faster, cheaper, and easier than traditional payment offerings. With no cost to you or the recipient.

Pay Someone

  • If you have an Eaton Family Credit Union Checking Account then through our Webster Bill Pay Service you can send someone money electronically on the popmoney tab.
    • Just input the dollar amount, email address or cell phone number and a personalized message.
    • The recipient will receive an email or mobile message to pick up their payment.
  • Click here to pay someone today with popmoney.
  • Click here to see partipating credit unions and banks...send money the easy way (at no cost for Eaton Family Credit Union members) right to their checking account.

Pick Up Money

  • If you use Eaton Family Credit Union's Webster Bill Pay then pick up your money at popmoney on Webster.
  • If you have an Eaton Family Credit Union Checking Account but have not yet signed up for Webster Bill Pay then enroll now to pick up your money.
  • If you only have an Eaton Family Credit Union Savings Account.
    • Contact us to apply for our checking account and get Webster Bill Pay.
    • Use a checking account from a different financial institution.

popmoney vs. PayPal

  • PayPal is a holding account. They’re a go-between. The money has to debit the sender’s account, be deposited in PayPal (whereby fees may be assessed), then deposited in the recipient’s account.
  • With popmoney, you are registering the sending and receiving account directly. There is no true go-between once the accounts are registered, and the money can appear as fast as one business day.
  • The service is free to initiate a payment, and it is always free to receive it.

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