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Designed to look and perform like Home Banking, our new Mobile Banking app provides full access to all your EFCU accounts from the convenience of your cell phone. You can:

  • View account balances as well as pending and past transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including make payments to loans and Visa credit cards
  • Find nearby Credit Union locations
  • Use “Contact Us” to email a question or comment or call us
  • Customize your app settings to your preference

Start using Mobile Banking today!

To download the app, just follow the instructions each store provides. Get started here:

  • For Android phones: click here to find the app in Google Play. It's called "Eaton Family CU Mobile."
  • For iPhones: click here to find the app in iTunes. It's called "Eaton Family Mobile." Note: you must have iTunes in order to download the app. iTunes is available free on the same page alongside the app.

To begin using Mobile Banking, your EFCU account number is your User ID. Your password for Mobile Banking is exactly the same as Home Banking.


Having Trouble Accessing Mobile Banking?
If you successfully downloaded the app, then entered your log-in information and still can't access Mobile Banking, please call a Member Service Representative at 216-920-2000. Explain you can't sign into your account using Mobile Banking and ask the Member Service Rep to activate your account for Home Banking. The activation process takes less than a minute and we only need to know your email address.

Then after the call, you'll need to set up your Home Banking account, which can be accessed here and includes:

  • setting a new password,
  • selecting and answering three security questions, and
  • signing up for eDocuments.

Why this works: Mobile Banking "piggy backs" the account settings (account number, password, security question answers, etc.) from Home Banking. So, in order to use Mobile Banking, a Member's account must be activated for Home Banking even if they don't currently use it or aren't likely to use it in the future.

Click here for more information about Home Banking.


Still Using Our Earlier Version of Mobile Banking?
Members using our earlier version of Mobile Banking will continue to be able to use it to access their accounts for the foreseable future. Please use the instructions below to access and maintain this version of Mobile Banking and note that it's no longer available for download.

  • Click Here to log into your mobile banking account after you've completed the intial enrollment.
  • Click Here to make changes to your mobile account, including:
    • Change Mobile Account Password
    • Manage Devices
      • Change Phone Number or Carrier
      • Disable Phone
      • Remove Phone
      • Get Activation Code
    • Delete Account



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