Identity Theft


  • For only $2.50 per month you can protect your identity with a low-cost, web-based service - including Eaton Family Credit Union and all other debit, credit and ATM cards
    • CardPatrol - real-time, early warning system
      • If suspicious activity is detected on your registered cards, you will receive an instant email notification informing you of the compromised data
    • MyIDMatters - news and information about fraud and identity protection
      • An educational website designed to keep you informed of topics associated with personal identity and security fraud
    • Fraud Assistance - a highly trained team of specialists who are ready to provide assistance if you ever become a victim of identity theft
    • Payment Card Protection - protect all your credit, debit, ATM and check cards
      • Cancel cards, stop unauthorized purchases and request new cards using a toll-free, 24-hour number
  • Contact us to get started today
    • Email your name and the last four digits of your Eaton Family Credit Union account number to
    • Then we will send you the secure website links and passwords so you can prevent, detect and resolve identity theft related issues


  • Presentation
    • Information from FTC and Lawrence Simon & Company, Inc.
  • Video
    • From FTC
  • FTC Information
  • Alert Anti-Phishing Groups
    • Report phishing scams to the FBI Internet Crime Compliance Center
  • Identity theft is when someone uses another person's personal identifying information
    to open a credit card account, take out a loan or even commit a crime.
    • For valuable information about identity theft, please visit

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